Rental Policy

Rent-à-Porter offers a standard Weekly rental period of 7 Days, that can be extended upon necessities. The rental period begins the day the costumes leave the premises.

Late fees will be charged by Rent-à-Porter if the costumes are not returned by the due date at a rate of 25% of rental cost for each week the costume is overdue.

Our payment method it’s easy and cash-free: on the starting date of your rental, we’ll be emitting an invoice with a 30 days deadline by which the full amount of the rental has to be paid.

Costumes must be returned in the condition they were rented in. Please examine your rentals before leaving. Any pre-existing damages or stains will be noted on your invoice.

The replacement value for each item is 20 times the rental price. The replacement value is to be paid in full to the Rent-à-Porter in case of loss, theft or damage while items where rented as determined by Rent-à-Porter.

The rental price includes only basic laundry. Costumes with stains, spills, or excessive dirt must be cleaned before they are returned to Rent-à-Porter. Garments returned excessively dirty will be considered damaged and will be charged at the discretion of Rent-à-Porter. All the items must be returned on branded hangers like they were rented upon and in Rent-à-Porter original garment bags.

Minor alterations (hems, waists, cuffs) are acceptable as long as the alteration does not damage the clothes. Anything that has been altered must be restored to its original measurements before it is returned. Rent-à-Porter reserves the right to charge a tailoring fee if any costume is returned altered. Alterations requiring cutting and dying of costumes is never allowed without a prior written permission: please kindly contact us before!